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  "In the Beginning......there was plastic"


The first IPMS chapter started in Louisiana was formed in New Orleans in April 1993. Baton Rouge Scale Modelers formed their IPMS chapter in 1997. Most of the chapters within Louisiana reside along Interstate 10 which is called the I-10 corridor but BRSM members refers to those clubs as the "I-10 Connection".


The popularity of IPMS in the U.S. grew to a point where IPMS/ USA decided to group the chapters into regions. Most regions are listed as a group of states however there are some states that are split between regions because of their size. Louisiana is located in Region 6 which originally included Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas. The regions were re-arranged in 2007 and Missouri was moved to Region 5.


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 "Jim Sage was an importer of model kits from Japan and had a large number of buyers which were also model enthusiasts. These modelers wanted to provide a way to promote the plastic modeling hobby, to communicate issues between each other and also to have friendly competition. As the groups size increased IPMS/USA was formed in April of 1964 about six months after IPMS/UK was formed.Once IPMS/USA was established the first chartered chapter was formed in Seattle, WA.

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In 1963 Peter Elley and several model enthusiasts formed the British Plastic Modellers Society- BPMS. People from other countries started to attend these meetings which resulted in the BPMS changing its name to the International Plastic Modelers Society- IPMS to reflect its emerging international nature. Within a years time there was a Canadian and United States branch. Each country added a suffix to the IPMS name to reflect the countrys name which meant BPMS became IPMS/ UK.




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The Baton Rouge Scale Modelers Club is dedicated to promoting plastic model building by performing demonstrations, having an annual contest for the public, and displaying models at local libraries.

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