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The “I-10 connection”, is a term used to describe the relationships between the model clubs across southern Louisiana.  At the time the phrase was coined most of the model clubs are located close to I-10 (short for Interstate 10) and the “connection” was the way the clubs interacted with each other. 

The “I-10 connection” is not only about location (being on Interstate 10). The Red River Modelers club located in Shreveport Louisiana (quite a ways away from I-10) had their 1st Model contest “RiverCon I” where several model clubs promoted the event and participated within the historical event.
“The I-10 Connection” – Stretching across Southern Louisiana and reaching out to fellow model club members in all corners of the State to share in the hobby of plastic scale modeling.



          About Us

The Baton Rouge Scale Modelers Club is dedicated to promoting plastic model building by performing demonstrations, having an annual contest for the public, and displaying models at local libraries.

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